PacMutual Building

Los Angeles, California

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the historic PacMutual Building is a complex of three buildings, the oldest of which dates back to 1908. The project developed amenity spaces that attract a progressive mix of creative media tenants. A fitness center, tenant lounge, state-of-the-art conference center, and bike spa is located on the first and second floors, forming a hub around the two-story lobby in the Sentry Building.

As an official historic landmark in the City of Los Angeles, the building’s existing Beaux Arts-style ornamentation could not be altered. Steinberg Hart’s interior design team abstracted the existing flora and fauna patterns to create a unique recurring design motif. This new pattern creates a visual logic to the interior labyrinth of corridors that meander throughout PacMutual’s three original buildings.

The integration of historic and modern design brings a fresh aesthetic to the individual amenity spaces, which address the needs of savvy, health-oriented workplace tenants. With these renovations, the historic PacMutual Building becomes an active participant in the ongoing revitalization of downtown LA.

523 West 6th Street Property Owners
9,700 SF
Tenant Lounge, Fitness Center, Bike Spa, and Conference Center
Interior Design