College of the Desert,
Multi-Purpose Classroom Building

Palm Desert, California

This newly built facility increases the number of flexible, multipurpose classrooms available at the College of the Desert for general assignment and provides supplemental laboratory facilities for Biology & Physical Science classes. Classrooms are designed with flexibility and the appropriate equipment to support an “Active Learning” educational model, which will allow faculty members to use innovative learning techniques that combine lecture with hands-on lab work, group problem-solving, and heavy use of computers and the Internet—often in the same class session. A large, fully equipped lecture hall is also available to support large classes and conferences. The facility also provides space for the campus’ Information Technology department, which houses administrative computing, support services for AV/TV/media resources, and the College’s upgraded network infrastructure.

The project team designed this new facility with a desert aesthetic, in keeping with the current campus context. The design also incorporated sustainable elements such as solar shading, overhangs, and minimal glass to create an energy-conscious building in the harsh desert environment.

College of the Desert
31,000 SF
Classrooms, Computer Labs, Faculty Offices, Laboratories (Biology & Physical Sciences), and Lecture Hall
Programming, Design through Construction