Crafton Hills College, Learning Resource Center

Yucaipa, California

Subsequent to the development of a full campus master plan, programming was provided for a number of buildings, including the Learning Resource Center, on the Crafton Hills College campus. The design team was intentional about integrating the architecture of the new building with the existing campus vocabulary.

The building combines current library, Learning Center, and campus data center components into a single structure. Within the Learning Center, students have access to open labs of wired carrels, computer workstations, and reader tables, as well as breakout spaces for tutoring and group study. A teaching center for faculty and staff allows users to improve lecture techniques and receive training on utilizing smart classroom components and incorporating technology into their curriculum. Integration of a gallery and a 100-seat auditorium finalizes the building’s program, furthering the relationship between the college and the growing community of Yucaipa. The building unifies a complex and varied program, using cohesive architectural language that is sympathetic to the strong architecture of the existing campus.



San Bernardino Community College District
58,500 SF
Auditorium, Gallery, Library & Learning Centers, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Teaching & Learning Center, Technology & AV Services
Programming, FPP, Design through Construction
LEED Certified2012 AIA Santa Clara Valley, Design Award Citation2012 CCFC Professional Design Awards Program, Award of Excellence2012 Award if Merit, Illumination Engineering Society