CSU Fullerton, Titan Student Union

Fullerton, California

Originally built in 1976, the Titan Student Union (TSU) is a mainstay of the Cal State Fullerton campus. Most students — commuter or residential — pass by or through the building each day. The student governing board led the charge to improve the aging campus hub, revealing that they had saved years of student body fees and could fund and oversee an expansion. Student representatives expressed two primary objectives: to connect students to each other while also connecting the building to the campus.

The new addition creates a front door experience for the campus community. The triple-height atrium, which includes a below-grade expansion, integrates the variety of activities at TSU within one dynamic space. At the same time, each floor retains a distinct character, offering social, active, and collaborative programs. The lower level offers collaborative study areas and a maker space, while the second level acts as a connective hub between the existing cafe, new power-equipped outdoor eating area, and central campus courtyard. In between these two levels, students can study and socialize on the grand staircase that features stadium-style bench seating. The second floor supports a new student government formal meeting hall and quieter collaborative areas.

Transparency in the building design serves a dual purpose, maximizing daylight and campus connectivity while also reducing the need for energy consumption during the day. Additional sustainable features include a cool roof, high-performance glazing, solar shading, daylight sensors, and a new HVAC system.

CSU Fullerton
27,000 SF Addition
Architecture & Interior Design
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