Evergreen Valley College, Library and Educational Technology Center

San Jose, California

This building at Evergreen Valley College combines three formerly disparate departments into a single building: the Library, Educational Technology Center, and Instructional Technology Center. Combining program needs into a single facility maximizes efficiency, reduces program redundancy, creates flexible space, and allows “cross pollination” to occur between the staff, students, and services.

A shared main entrance permits easy access to each of the departments. The lobby features high ceilings, large windows, and dramatic exposed structural support “branches” that reference the tree of knowledge and the surrounding evergreen trees. The lobby and its adjacent conference room provide flexible spaces that can be utilized by both the college and local communities for special events.

The library serves as the focal point of this 3-level building. Co-mingling technology classrooms and technical services on the same level of the library fosters a shared-use approach and allows the College to take advantage of space adjacencies, while providing a one-stop destination for students.

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Admin/Faculty & Student Offices, Classrooms, Computer Labs, Distance Learning Labs, Library, and Multi-Purpose Spaces
2004 Award of Honor, Professional Design Awards Program, Community College Facility Coalition
2005 Best Higher Education Project Award
Best of 2005 California Construction
Swinerton Builders