Harvey Mudd College, Scott A. McGregor Computer Science Center

Claremont, California

Harvey Mudd College, a private undergraduate science and engineering college located in eastern Los Angeles County, enlisted Steinberg Hart to embark on a conceptual design process to develop a vision for a new academic building. The resulting concept meets two of the schools pressing needs: new space for its computer science program and a vibrant area for project-based learning. The design is tied to strategies that invigorate interdisciplinary collaboration – a key component of Harvey Mudd’s mission as part of the Claremont Colleges. For a science and engineering focused school like Harvey Mudd, the integration of a campus wide makerspace was especially important to nurture the aspirations of their faculty and students, and to showcase their talent.

Currently, the computer science program—a key department—is dispersed among multiple buildings across the campus. The new academic building will include labs, clinic space, student study and collaboration space, as well as administrative and faculty offices. Computer Science’s co-location with the makerspace fosters opportunities for students to connect and co-create across disciplines.

Steinberg Hart worked closely with the institution’s stakeholders to craft the vision for the school’s makerspace, and root it as a central campus activity hub. The makerspace design is focused on creating one large open workspace for collaboration, networking, and socialization. The space features a “zoned” layout that includes a collaborative lounge, co-working and idea development areas, rapid prototyping, and light-to-medium fabrication. The makerspace will be located adjacent to renovated metal and wood machine shops, which provide for heavy fabrication needs.

Harvey Mudd College
37,000 SF 12,000 SF makerspace
collaborative lounge, co-working, rapid prototyping, fabrication zones, computer science lab, clinic space, student workspace, administrative & faculty offices