United States Military Academy, Jefferson Hall Library & Learning Center

West Point, New York

The new Jefferson Hall Library and Learning Center celebrates the charge to provide a building of quality and character that will be perceived as a progression of past success that also leads to future opportunities. Reinterpreting the campus’s Military Gothic architecture for the 21st century, cadets have wireless access throughout public reading rooms, classrooms, group study rooms, and teaching labs. In the tradition of formal interior spaces on campus, on the building’s topmost floor, the Alexander Haig Room is a space intended for receptions, special events, lectures, and multi-media presentations in addition to serving as group study and academic learning space. Sited on the edge of West Point’s historic training field, parade ground, and athletic space, known as “the Plain,” the building connects to the neighboring structures through its shape, form, and materials. Motifs from cadet uniforms, military medals, seals and inscriptions, provide decorative highlights throughout the library, firmly connecting this forward-looking building to the Academy’s rich traditions.

United States Military Academy
Library, Learning Center, Reading Rooms, Classrooms, Group Study Rooms, Teaching Labs, Reception/Special Event & Lectures Room, Multi-Media Room, Athletic Space