The Epiphany Hotel

Palo Alto, California

Casa Olga, originally permitted as a hotel in 1971, has been remodeled into an 86-room, four-star hotel and renamed The Epiphany. The renovation, completed in partnership with Joie de Vivre, included voluntary seismic upgrades, an exterior skin renovation, conversion of the first floor into a lobby and 24-hour restaurant with back-of-house functions, and the addition of eight guest rooms on the eighth floor where current dining facilities exist.

The conversion into a boutique hotel follows a thorough ideation phase orchestrated by design firm IDEO, where the aesthetic character of the hotel’s interior were carefully considered. The new hotel aims to capture the spirit of Palo Alto — curious, optimistic, entrepreneurial, tapped in, and vital. Its aesthetic vision also embodies the region’s commitment to sustainability through the use of raw, rustic, and natural materials.

Joie de Vivre
51,021 SF
Suites, Meeting Rooms, Restaurant, Lobby
Programming, Design through Construction