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A Symphony of Confusion: AIANY Cultural Facilities Committee Webinar features Principal Delia Nevola

“What can we, as planners and designers, do to enhance safety beyond that of attendees in response to the current pandemic—and can we better prepare these buildings for the future?”

Steinberg Hart’s Delia Nevola joins the AIANY Cultural Facilities Committee and a panel of other speakers for a June 19th webinar on reopening guidelines for cultural and performing arts facilities. While our standards for health and safety continue to intensify, legal, planning, and design experts will come together to address various questions and concerns about how planning and design in cultural facilities will adapt to our current pandemic environment while also preparing for the future.

Also featured in the event are Steven A. Adelman, V.P., Event Safety Alliance and Founder of Adelman Law Group; Heather McAvoy, ASTC, Principal, Schuler Shook; and Steven A. Wolff, CMC, Founding Principal, AMS Planning & Research Corp. The event is moderated by Alexa Antopol, Chief Intelligence Officer, Fisher Dachs Associates.

Tickets and further details available here.


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