Sunnyvale, California

Encasa is a modern-luxury residential development located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Designed to appeal to entrepreneurs, families and working professionals, the Spanish-style complex embodies the best qualities of communal, California outdoor living.

The 13-acre site includes 465 units spread across two non-contiguous parcels of land. Each parcel contains amenities such as fitness centers, pools, outdoor BBQ areas, work centers and shared gathering spaces that enhance the concept of separate parcels working together as one community. Adding visual diversity and unit variety, the project consists of walk-up apartments with private garages, units wrapping structured parking, and a courtyard building with attached structured parking. Shaded arcades, networked alleyways, and extended personal outdoor space combine with interior landscaped plazas and gardens to create a campus-like environment.

With the site edge against the freeway, a two-wrap strategy was implemented to reduce noise while allowing for an increase in density and a gradual transition to the existing neighborhood. The easement connecting the two parcels provides public walking paths and a large lawn for residents and the surrounding community, becoming the unofficial meeting place for dog owners after work.

Steinberg Hart was recommended by the City of Sunnyvale to Raintree Partners to be the design architect for the project who collaborated with Ankrom Moisan Architects, Inc. who completed the interiors.

Raintree Partners
990,000 SF Parcel A 486,000 | Parcel B 504,000 7 Buildings 465 units
fitness centers, pools, outdoor BBQ areas, work centers, indoor & outdoor lounges, public walking paths