Santa Clara Agrihood

Santa Clara, California

As the first combined agricultural and residential development in the Bay Area, the Santa Clara Agrihood is set to become a model for sustainable, urban design. Along with a 1.5 acre produce farm and community gathering center, this mixed-use development will provide housing for people of various ages and incomes; promoting a true community environment.

Developed out of a series of public meetings, the Agrihood plan is envisioned as an active, vibrant and attractive place to enhance and support the surrounding neighborhoods. Meant to connect to and complement other public spaces in Santa Clara, the resulting design features an innovative mix of open spaces and shared amenities. These include a plaza for farmer’s markets and dining, a community center with an exhibition space and kitchen for cooking classes, and a workshop with an adjacent rainwater recapture tank.

Offering a mixture of housing typologies, the 361 dwelling units are divided into townhouses, mixed-income apartments, and affordable senior and senior veteran housing. The apartment buildings are configured around large, open, landscaped courtyards above concrete parking podiums. Overall, the community is designed to support interaction, education, and farm to table living.

Steinberg Hart is the architect for the overall project development, residential housing, and public amenity space.

City of Santa Clara / The Core Companies
261,000 SF
5.8 Acres
36 townhouses
160 mixed-income units
165 affordable units
1.5 acres of agricultural open space, townhouses, apartments, commons, café and community building, public open space
2019 Innovation in Green Community Planning Award, APA Northern California Section
2019 Gold Nugget Award, PCBC