Yangcheng Lake Island Senior Housing

Suzhou, China

The Yangcheng Lake Island resort will be the flagship senior living community for China Life, exemplifying their commitment to healthy living for their residents. Seniors can join a community built on the principles of healthy living—complete with clean air, fresh water, parks and shoreline, and a host of services and amenities tailored to their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Visitors and guests seeking retreat from the city can enjoy the resort-like atmosphere, charming outdoor setting, and warm and welcoming hospitality of residents who are proud of their beautiful home.

The overall master plan outlines three development phases that combine multiple land parcels into a cohesive resort-style residential community. The parcels are divided by two main public roadways. A public park is required at the west point of the peninsula to preserve the shoreline and open space, and to ensure long-term public access to open space and waterfront. In addition to providing effective circulation and connection within the community, the master plan framework also establishes highly efficient, functional and intuitive land use zones.

China Life Investment Holding Company Limited
1.95 Million SF
Senior Living, Commercial Street, Clubhouse, Health Center, Service Apartment, Theatre, Parking
Chinese Green Building 2-star