Thomas Garcia

Senior Associate / Director of Landscape Architecture

Tom is a licensed landscape architect and certified planner with over 25 years of professional experience. Tom began his career by working as a landscape architect and planner for municipal agencies in Australia and the United States. His strengths in research and analysis became evident when he authored the widely acclaimed Open Space and Recreation Plan for the Town of Westborough, Massachusetts.

In his work as a site planner and landscape architect, Tom combines his analytical background in planning with the technical and artistic requirements of landscape architecture. He currently directs and provides technical support for: site related functions and amenities, landscape improvements emphasizing the use of native plant material and low-volume irrigation systems, and project management. He is responsible for projects such as civic parks, municipal facilities, university and commercial site design, and Navy and Marine shore facilities. Tom’s holistic approach to design ensures that the needs of the user and community are met while preserving and enhancing the integrity of the natural environment. Significant landscape and site design projects include the waterfront Coronado Civic Center and Glorietta Bay Park, the San Diego County Operations Center, and the Naval Base Coronado Coastal Campus.


Texas A&M University
Master of Urban Planning

Texas A&M University
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture