New City Master Plan

Changsha, China

The New City development encompasses 7,000 acres—about three square miles—along the eastern waterfront of Songya Lake. The area will incorporate an internal body of water referred to by the competition committee as “High Lake,” which Steinberg Hart has re-interpreted as a network of “finger lakes” integrating water and land throughout the site. The total building area will be 80,000,000 SF, including a waterfront eco-business district (EBD) with hotel, conference, dining and entertainment, and an ecological model community mixing residences community services and public open space. The initial implementation plan suggests three phases: (1) the core EBD and “finger lakes” to create a sense of place that attracts businesses and visitors, (2) a low-density residential development to expand that sense of place, and (3) a subsequent high-density residential developments to balance the overall economic feasibility of the community.

This new landmark community in Hunan Province will gracefully integrate many new public and private spaces with the local landscape. While the detailed planning has not yet started, local press coverage indicates that the community and government are eager to realize the vision of New City as an ecological, vibrant and livable community of international distinction.

Master Plan - 2013
Changsha Songya Lake Investment Co., Ltd.
Total land area: 4.7 Sq. Kilometers
Building Area: 84,567,135 SF
Clubhouse, Entertainment Venues. Public Open Space, Restaurants, High-density Housing, Low-density Housing, Public Facilities, Hotels
Master Planning, Programming, Design for New Construction